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Replace your current ordinary gutters with the Audubon LeafGuard System and you'll be guaranteed free flowing gutters, FOREVER.


The Gutter That Never Clogs…Guaranteed!

Quality Tested Seal

The LeafGuard Advantages:

  • The Only One-Piece Seamless Construction Gutter
  • Unique, One-Of-A-Kind, Patented Design
  • Guaranteed Never To Clog Or We’ll Clean It For Free
  • Wide Range Of Colors Available
  • Heavy-Duty Aluminum
  • 20% Thicker Than Ordinary Gutters
  • 30% Thicker Than Ordinary Downspout
  • Saves You Time, Money, Aggravation…
    And Maybe A Trip To The Hospital
  • 20 Year Limited Finish Warranty
  • Will Not Affect Your Roof Warranty
  • Does NOT Attach To The Roof
  • Will Not Interfere With Re-roofing


Replace your current ordinary gutters with the Audubon LeafGuard System and you’ll be guaranteed free flowing gutters, FOREVER.

94 Trillion Leaves Can’t Be Wrong
There is no way to get into an Audubon LeafGuard Gutter

Homes with trees surrounding them are susceptible to gutter clogging. Leaves slow the flow of water, catch upon each other and eventually clog up ordinary gutters, causing decomposition, water back up on the fascia boards and outside walls of the home. Eventually the gutters overflow and become a rickety mess.


Audubon LeafGuard Gutters are GUARANTEED to never clog.

They are made of sturdy aluminum, which is 20% thicker than ordinary gutters. Audubon LeafGuard Gutters are the ONLY one-piece seamless debris shedding gutter on the market today. Competitors offer what are called “Add-ons” to existing gutters. The “add-ons” attach partly to the existing gutter and then are nailed or screwed under the second shingle of your roof. The “Add-on” style gutter can VOID your existing roof warranty because the shingles are lifted and the “add-on” installed under them. Additionally, the reason homeowners look for leaf protection is because their gutters are already damaged from previous clogging. What sense does it make to buy a new “add-on” to put on an older damaged gutter. Audubon won’t do it.
** If Englert LeafGuard Gutters ever get clogged, we clean them out… Free of charge.

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