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Replace your current ordinary gutters with the Audubon LeafGuard System and you'll be guaranteed free flowing gutters, FOREVER.

Quality Assurance


Quality Assurance

Do The Job On Time
To ensure that your Audubon LeafGuard Gutter System job is done expertly and on time, Audubon has an in-house job expeditor, whose job is to inspect your home for unique or unforeseen situations that cause a problem during installation. By evaluating (or double-checking) the job before hand, installation problems can be avoided. Other companies don’t use the expeditor system. They rely upon their salesman, which skips the double-checking process and can create difficult situations between the removal of the old gutters and installation of new ones.


Two Days To New Gutters And A Clean Jobsite
Audubon Gutters has perfected the “Two-Day” installation process. Audubon has a “Gutter Removal Crew” whose specific job is to remove old gutters, prepare the structure for the new gutters, and clean up and haul the old gutters away on the first day. The gutter removal and installation processes are two very different specialized tasks, each with unique skills required. On the second day the new gutters are installed and the job site is re-cleaned of any construction material.

Our competitors use the same laborers that tear down old gutters to install new ones, which can lead to needless damage to property and questionable clean up.

Over 709 Miles of Gutters Installed… and no complaints
In business since 1991, Audubon Gutters has never had a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. Check for yourself; call the BBB at 504-581-6222. Other companies can’t say that. An Audubon Gutter job is never finished until the customer is satisfied, which means you don’t finish paying for your gutter installation until the work is completed and the job site is cleaned to your satisfaction.

Audubon Gutters Anti-Drug Policy
Gutter installation craftsmen do a specialized type of work, which demands skill and attention at often dangerous heights with powerful machinery. Drug use by employees is not tolerated; to that end ALL Audubon employees are subject to random drug testing.

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