Why do I need gutters?

Gutters add value to your home
Gutters give the home an appearance of distinction and sophistication
Gutters control roof runoff, protecting your home’s foundation from erosion damage
Gutters prevent water damage to exterior walls and basements

How often should I check my gutters?

You should check your gutters every Spring and Fall for:
Gutter pulling away from the house.

What are seamless gutters?

Gutters formed at the jobsite from a continuous piece of metal, cut to the required length
They aren’t soldered

What is “K” Style?

Most common gutter profile, also called “Ogee”
Half round profile is also available

Can I Mix metals (aluminum, steel, and copper) in my gutter systems?

Mixing metals can cause a “galvanic reaction” between the metals, leading to corrosion and premature component failure; so it’s not recommended.

How much pitch is required for gutter runs?

Minimum slope of ¼” for every 10’ of gutters

How many downspouts do I need?

Recommend one downspout per 20’ of gutters. Larger roof areas, pitch of the roof and/or heavy rainfall areas may require more downspouts

What is the difference between A and B elbows?

A (front) elbows direct water forward or back from the gutter outlet
B (side) elbows direct water left or right from the gutter outlet

How do I keep my gutters clean?

See Audubon’s LeafGuard Gutters…A true one-piece debris shedding solution