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“We have 15 trees on the property. Now we have no leaves clogging the gutters, plus they look like a beautiful molding on the house.”

– Sandra Foret, Belle Chase

“Audubon repaired some water damage I didn’t know the house had before they put up my new LeafGuards. They did a great job cleaning up each day.”

Mrs. McDade, Algiers

“We never wanted to clean leaves from the gutters again. The LeafGuard gutters fit perfectly with the home’s appearance.”

Jackie Smart, NO Garden District

“I saw so many of Audubon’s trucks in the city I had to call them. They seemed extremely fair and had a great reputation.”

Keith Norman, Jefferson

“It was difficult to get comparable bids from other companies; they couldn’t match Audubon’s LeafGuard quality.”

Tracey Dodd, New Orleans